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Providers Choice - Food Program in Minnesota

Welcome to Providers Choice

Food Program Benefits

The USDA Child and Adult Care Food Program is a Win, Win!

  • Providers and Centers win by receiving reimbursement, training and support
  • Kids win because they learn healthy habits
  • Parents win because their kids are served nutritious meals
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Why Choose Providers Choice

Providers Choice is the largest sponsor of the USDA Food Program in the U.S. Since 1985 Providers Choice (PCI) has been known for its:

  • Friendly, experienced staff
  • Innovative technology & software
  • Quality training & resources
  • Recipes & curriculum
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Membership Perks

Providers and Centers who choose us as their Food Program sponsor receive:

  • Free Online software and 'on-the-go' mobile app
  • A listing in our Search for Child Care in MN
  • Start-up grant for new providers who are income eligible
  • Child Care Curriculum and recipes
  • Personalized parent newsletter templates
  • Opportunity to create a free web page
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Let Us Be Your Resource

You feed your children healthy meals. Make sure your child care provider does too. Use our Search for Child Care in MN below to find providers who participate on the Food Program. Providers Choice can also help with:

  • Delicious, kid-friendly recipes
  • Fast, affordable meal ideas
  • Tips on raising healthy eaters
  • Helpful information on children's issues
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Twist & Sprout

Twist & Sprout ℠ is a program of Providers Choice that is cultivating healthier child care by building the skills of child care providers, providing resources and engaging parents. Core components of Twist & Sprout include:

  • In-person workshops
  • Cycle menus
  • Culinary skills video series
  • Certificate program, and
  • Direct parent engagement and outreach
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Twist and Sprout

What Providers are Saying About KidKare

"KidKare is easy to use and I like it better than the last version. I like the idea of being able to record attendance right under the meal."
- Tammy R.

What Providers are Saying About KidKare

"With KidKare, I love that I can fill in my records using my phone while the kids are eating."
- Tracy L.

What Providers Are Saying About Us

"The people of Providers Choice are friendly and easy to work with. I always feel at ease when I have any questions. I never feel like I'm bothering anyone with my questions."
- Amanda P.

What Centers Are Saying About Us

"The Food Program and Providers Choice enable us to provide well-balanced meals to the children in our centers. The tools Providers Choice provides us enables us to be part of the Food Program without an excess amount of work."
- Brandy Scroga-Coons, Regional Director, Creative Kids Academy

What Parents Are Saying About Us

"I work hard to feed my children healthy at home and wanted a child care provider that did too. That's why one of the first questions I asked when interviewing potential child care providers was "Are you on the Food Program?"
- Chris T.

What Parents Are Saying About Us

"My child care provider is teaching my daughter many important things and learning about healthy eating should be one of them. Knowing my provider is on the Food Program assured me that my daughter would be offered fruits and veggies on a regular basis."
- Rachel MB.

What Providers Are Saying About Us

"Providers Choice is truly a quality sponsor. On the home visits, the children enjoy receiving the temporary tattoos and books that help teach them more about good nutrition. I have been with PCI for nine years and I appreciate all the benefits this sponsor offers."
- Erin D.

What Parents Are Saying About Us

"Choosing a child care provider who participates on the Child Care Food Program was important to me because I could be assured that my children were being served healthy meals throughout the day which support our own values."
- Jenny M.

What Centers Are Saying About Us

"Hastings Child Development Center proudly works with Providers Choice for our Food Program participation! Besides the financial support to provide healthier meals, Providers Choice benefits us with support, staff assistance and training during monitoring visits. Working with PCI also helps ensure our paperwork is correct and up-to-date. Being part of the Food Program is worry and hassle free!"
- Robin Siebenaler, Owner and Center Director

What Providers Are Saying About Us

"I frequently use the craft ideas and recipes in the Providers Voice newsletter and the online resources. My kids like the cute, easy ideas."
- Marilyn J.