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PCI Providers:

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Not Home or Closed? Let us know!

Federal regulations require that child care providers notify their Food Program sponsors, in advance when:
  • their day care will be closed (example: vacation) excluding national holidays. Holidays are shaded in yellow on the calendar.
  • they will be away from the day care with all the children during a meal service time as listed on your food program application (example: going to the park during lunch time or snack time)
Providers Choice Providers not using KidKare: For your convenience you may complete the form below to notify PCI. Your notifications will be available for your future reference within the Members Only/Food Program Forms area of our website.

If you have migrated to KidKare, use the calendar feature in KidKare to record these notices. Select the KidKare "Calendar" menu, then select the "Provider" tab and drag the "Closed for Business" or "Off-Site Meal" icons to the appropriate calendar date.

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