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  • You can Enroll children online to get the 2-digit child numbers you need for your claiming records. Just click the "Enroll Kids" link.

pciXpress Mobile App

pciXpress is our Free mobile app that works with the Minute Menu Kids Pro™ software. PCI providers who submit their CACFP (Food Program) claims online using Minute Menu Kids Pro can use pciXpress to record same-day meals and attendance and check children in and out. Everything you record in the pciXpress mobile app will be transferred to your Minute Menu Kids Pro account.

Please note that pciXpress does not have all of the same features as Minute Menu Kids Pro. You will still need your Minute Menu Kids Pro account to do anything other than enter meals and attendance for today's date and check children in and out. You must have a Minute Menu Kids Pro account through PCI to use pciXpress. You will use the same username and password to log into pciXpress that you use to log into Minute Menu Kids Pro.

pciXpress is available for PCI providers with an Apple iPhone or iPad. It will work on a 5th Generation (5G) iPod Touch with 512 MB of available Ram/memory. It will also work on many Android phones/tablets with Android version 2.1 or higher, including the Amazon Kindle Fire and the Google Nexus tablet

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