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Minute Menu Kids Pro Software - Providers Choice

PCI Providers:
Did you know!

  • PCI has a Free mobile app called pciXpress which allows you to record same-day meals and attendance on-the-go. Click pciXpress mobile app to find out more.

Minute Menu Kids Pro

Minute Menu Kids Pro is the most complete business software management tool designed specifically for family child care providers. Minute Menu has partnered with the National Association for Family Child Care to bring you the best child care business resources in a convenient, secure, Internet-based format!

Minute Menu Kids Pro is FREE to Providers Choice providers.

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With easy-to-use Minute Menu Kids Pro:

  • Do all of your Food Program recordkeeping online, thus eliminating paperwork.
  • Submit your claim to the Providers Choice office from your computer within a few seconds. There's no running to the post office and no postage costs!
  • Plan your day's activities online and easily create informative reports for the children's parents.
  • Eliminate time-consuming tax preparation calculations.
  • Manage accounting records such as invoices, parent payments, expenses and mileage.

More Benefits of Minute Menu Kids Pro:
Minute Menu Kids Pro is web-based and accessible via the internet, which enables you to:

  • Automatically receive electronic updates when there are changes that affect your child care business.
  • Never worry about backing-up your data. Your records are backed-up and stored for you automatically on Minute Menu's secured server.
  • Receive friendly pop-up messages to remind you to send your claim.
  • No more sending notes to the PCI office when claiming scholagers for lunch. You do this right within Minute Menu Kids Pro while recording your meal counts.

Financial Management - Minute Menu Kids Pro enables you to automatically: invoice and receive payments from parents electronically or in person; calculate time-space percentage; organize your business deductions into the proper categories; keep accurate records of meal counts to meet IRS requirements; and to help you maximize potential deductions for bigger tax savings.

Lesson Planner - Plan your lessons and get great lesson & activity suggestions, then print out activity reports for parents. The Lesson Planner will remind you of important dates, like child birthdays, safety drills, and holidays. It will also provide you with Monthly Menus with recipes, resources, and Business and Tax Tips from Tom Copeland, JD, Tax Consultant and Author.

Get started using Minute Menu Kids Pro

PCI Providers: To get started using Minute Menu Kids Pro, find the instructions in our Members Only for Providers area of our site on the "Minute Menu Kids Pro" software page.

Non-PCI Providers in Minnesota: To request additional information on this software program or on Providers Choice, Contact Us or call our office at 952-944-7010 or 1-800-356-5983.
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