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Cinco De Mayo Surprises



  • ~ Paper plates
  • ~ Crepe paper
  • ~ Markers
  • ~ Collage materials
  • ~ Stapler
  • ~ Hole-Punch
  • ~ Yarn or ribbon
  • ~ Wrapped candies, stickers, or small toys


  • Place a small handful of candy, stickers or toys on each paper plate.
  • Fold the plate in half. Staple the edges of the plate so that the treats are hidden inside.
  • Glue on crepe paper strips to the straight edge of the plate.
  • Use the markers and collage materials to decorate each personal pinata.
  • Punch a hole in the top of the pinata and string a piece of yarn or ribbon through.
  • Hang your colorful creations around the room.
  • On May 5th, invite the children to break open their pinata and enjoy the treats inside.