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Big Green Monsters


This colorful craft allows each child's unique creativity to show and is a great follow-up to the book, "Go Away Big Green Monster!"


  • ~ Construction paper, assorted colors
  • ~ Green paint
  • ~ Scissors


  • Have each child select a piece of construction paper. Pre-fold the paper down the center (the long way) and then open it flat again.
  • Pour a large drop of green paint on the center of the paper.
  • Help the child to re-fold along the crease.
  • With the paper placed on the table, have the child smooth over the top of the folded paper by pressing with their hands.
  • When you open the paper up, you will find a monster face.
  • Use scraps of brightly colored construction paper to cut out eyes, noses, ears, teeth and hair for your monsters.
  • The facial features can be stuck right onto the wet paint, no need to use additional glue.

Credit: Play & Learn Preschool