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Busy Little Bunnies


This simple action poem and craft will keep your little ones as busy as bunnies!

Little Bunny
Here's the little bunny's head
So soft and round to see (Place hands by face)

And here's the bunny's body
As fluffy as can be (Fan arms at sides)

Here are hoppy legs and feet
For jumping all around (Hop while holding hands up like paws)

And here are big long bunny ears
For hearing every sound (Place hands on head and wiggle them)


  • ~ white paper
  • ~ crayons
  • ~ scissors


  • ~ Trace around the child's hand on the white paper.
  • ~ Cut out the hand shape.
  • ~ Bend down the thumb, middle finger and pinky finger, folding them behind the palm.
  • ~ Use crayons to draw on eyes, nose, and whiskers.

Source: Great Big Holiday Celebrations

The food program must be offered to all children in care including infants. If parents decline participation, a copy of the Decline Form, signed by the parent or guardian must be on file in the PCI office for this child.