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Spaghetti Pie


   Serving Size:
One slice is 1.5 oz meat/ meat alternate and 1 oz grain for a 3-5 year old at lunch/supper.


12 slices




6 oz. enriched spaghetti
1 c. cottage cheese
1 lb. hamburger
8 oz. mozzarella cheese
2 large egg(s)
1/2 c. Parmesan cheese
1 (15 oz.) jar spaghetti sauce
onion, green pepper, mushrooms optional

Break spaghetti into thirds and boil. Drain and cool. Mix spaghetti with 2 slightly beaten eggs and Parmesan cheese. Pat into 10 inch pie pan. Layer cottage cheese onto spaghetti. Brown hamburger with onion and green pepper. Stir in tomato sauce and add mushrooms. Simmer 20 minutes. Pour into spaghetti crust. Cover with mozzarella cheese and bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. Let set out 10 minutes before cutting. Cut into 12 slices.





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