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Dad - You're #1


Celebrate the affection felt for those fantastic Fathers' with this fun song and clever craft.

Hooray for Good Ol' Dad!

Sung to the tune of "The Farmer in the Dell"

Hooray for good ol' Dad!
Hooray for good ol' Dad!
With him I am so very glad.
Hooray for good 'ol Dad!

Shirt and Tie Father's Day Gift

  • ~ White paper (for the shirts)
  • ~ Colored paper (for the neckties)
  • ~ Scissors
  • ~ Markers
  • ~ Glue

  • ~ Fold a piece of white paper in half, the long way, and then unfold it. Starting at each outside edge of the paper, about an inch and a half down from the top, make a 2-inch cut toward the center. Bend the resulting flaps in toward the center fold mark to make the shirt collar.
  • ~ Use the attached pattern to make the necktie.
  • ~ Let the kids decorate Dad's shirt and tie using markers.
  • ~ Glue the tie onto the shirt and print a special message for Dad on the tie.

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