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Dazzling Dragonflies


  • ~ Large white paper plates - one per child
  • ~ Small white paper plates - three per child
  • ~ Tissue paper
  • ~ Stapler
  • ~ Pastel paints
  • ~ Paintbrushes
  • ~ Glue
  • ~ Black and white paper
  • ~ Hole punch
  • ~ Pipe cleaner

  • ~ Have children paint all four of their plates in one pastel color.
  • ~ When the paint has dried, staple the plates together as shown.
  • ~ Tie a knot in a piece of tissue paper and glue or staple it onto the dragonfly body.
  • ~ Cut circles from the black and white paper and glue them on to the large plate for eyes.
  • ~ Punch a hole toward the top edge of the large plate and thread the pipe cleaner through it. Twist the ends to resemble antennae.

Credit: The Mailbox