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Dino Hats



  • ~ Paper plates
  • ~ Crayons or markers
  • ~ Stapler
  • ~ Hole Punch
  • ~ Yarn or ribbon


  • Give each child four paper plates. Let them decorate and color their plates as they wish.
  • Punch a hole on opposite edges of the 1st plate. Tie a ribbon or length of yarn through each hole.
  • Fold the remaining three plates in half-with the colored side facing out.
  • Staple the three 1/2 plates together
  • Then use the stapler to attach the row of three plates onto the flat plate. This may require a little bending of the plates.
  • Place the flat plate onto the child's head, using the ribbons to tie it under his/her chin. The other three plates will trail down the child's neck and back like a dinosaur tail.