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Fancy Fish



  • ~ Newspaper
  • ~ Paint
  • ~ Paintbrushes
  • ~ Stapler (adult use)
  • ~ Hole punch
  • ~ String or fishing line


  • Draw a basic fish shape on a piece of newspaper, with the tail end on the fold. Cut out one of these for each child.
  • Let the children paint the fish shapes with bright colors to look like tropical fish from an aquarium.
  • After the paint is dry, staple around the edges of the fish, leaving just enough of an opening to stuff the fish.
  • Have the children tear newspaper strips, crumple them, and stuff them inside their fish. Then staple it closed.
  • Additional strips of painted newspaper or pieces of tissue can be glued or stapled onto the fish to make them fancier.
  • Punch a hole at the top of the fish and tie on a piece of string or fishing line.
  • Hang these colorful creatures from your ceiling to create a stunning indoor aquarium effect.