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Daddy's Little Helper


A father's day gift idea.


  • ~ Craft sticks (4 per child)
  • ~ Black craft paint
  • ~ Glue
  • ~ Yellow poster board or card stock paper
  • ~ Scissors
  • ~ Black marker
  • ~ Camera to take pictures of kids
  • ~ Toy tools for children to hold in the pictures
  • ~ Magnetic strips


  • ~ Paint the craft sticks black.
  • ~ When they have dried, glue them together to form a frame.
  • ~ Cut a piece of poster board to fit onto the back of the frame and glue it in place.
  • ~ Glue the picture of the child, holding a toy tool, onto the poster board.
  • ~ Print the words, "Daddy's Little Helper" under the picture.
  • ~ Attach a piece of magnetic strip tape onto the back.

Source: The Mailbox