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Bunny Basket



  • ~ disposable mini foil loaf pans
  • ~ cotton balls
  • ~ glue
  • ~ wiggly eyes
  • ~ pink pom
  • ~ 1 pink pipe cleaner
  • ~ Easter grass
  • ~ white and pink fun foam or construction paper


Glue cotton balls over the entire outside of mini tin pan. Add an extra cotton ball on one end for the bunny's tail. On the opposite end, glue on 2 wiggly eyes. Cut the pipe cleaner in half to create two whiskers. Glue the whiskers under the eyes and glue the pom in the center of the whiskers for the bunny nose. Create two bunny ears from the white foam or construction paper and make small pink ears for the inside of the bunnies ears. Fill the inside of the bunny pan with Easter grass and fill with candy or decorations!