Hands & Feet Bunnies



  • ~ A variety of construction paper in the colors of real rabbits (white, gray, brown, tan, black)
  • ~ Safety scissors
  • ~ Glue
  • ~ Markers
  • ~ Cotton balls


  • ~ Start by talking about the different colors and markings of real rabbits.
  • ~ Let children choose their paper color(s).
  • ~ Then trace an outline of their foot and help them cut it out.
  • ~ Next, trace an outline of their hand, tracing around the pinkie and ring finger as one and the middle and index fingers as another piece to form the two ears. Exclude tracing the thumb.
  • ~ Glue the hand/head onto the foot/body.
  • ~ If desired, use scraps to make spots for the bunny.
  • ~ Draw on an eye and nose with a marker. Finish it off with a fluffy cotton ball tail.



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