Celebrate St. Patrick's Day


No need to go searching to the end of the rainbow. We've got the fun St. Patrick's Day activities you've been looking for right here!

Handy Leprechauns

  • ~ Heavy paper-white or tan
  • ~ Paintbrushes
  • ~ Tempera paints in green, white and orange
  • ~ Black permanent markers
  • ~ Use brushes to paint a child's four fingers orange, their lower palm white and their upper palm green.
  • ~ Press this print onto a piece of heavy white or tan paper.
  • ~ After the paint has dried, use a black marker to help the child draw on facial features.
Credit: The Mailbox


Looking for a Leprechaun Song

Sung to the tune of "The Muffin Man"

Oh, Have you seen a leprechaun,
A leprechaun, a leprechaun?
Oh, have you seen a leprechaun
Who comes from Ireland?

Among the shamrocks he may hide
He may hide, he may hide.
Among the shamrocks he may hide
So catch him if you can!

Credit: Great Big Holiday Celebrations by Elizabeth McKinnon


Rainbow Round Up

For this activity you will need a supply of crepe paper streamers in rainbow colors such as red, yellow, green, blue, orange and purple. Cut streamers in two-three foot lengths. Give each child two different colored streamers. Have the children stand in a circle. When you call out a color, the children who have that color wave it into the center of the circle. If you call out "Rainbow" all the children wave their various colors at once.


Gold Coin Snacks

  • ~ Round snack crackers
  • ~ Banana slices
  • ~ Honey (in a squeeze bottle)
  • ~ Green decorator sugar
To make gold coins:
  • ~ Set out two plates with the crackers and bananas on each one.
  • ~ Direct the children to place a banana slice on top of a cracker.
  • ~ Help them to squeeze a little honey onto the banana, turning it gold.
  • ~ Assist them in sprinkling a little "lucky dust" (green sugar crystals) on their gold coin.
  • ~ Repeat until each child has made several coins.
Credit: The Mailbox



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