Falling For Leaves


A painting project


  • ~ Brown grocery bags
  • ~ Scissors
  • ~ Green crayons
  • ~ Tempera paint in fall colors-yellow, red, orange, and brown
  • ~ Sponges, cut or torn into small pieces
  • ~ Paper plates
  • ~ Newspaper


  • ~ Cut leaf shapes from old paper grocery bags. This can be prepared ahead of time by the adult.
  • ~ Spread newspaper out on the table.
  • ~ Provide each child with at least one leaf cutout.
  • ~ Start by having the children color one side of the leaf green. Turn it over to paint the other side.
  • ~ Pour red, orange, yellow and brown paint onto a paper plate.
  • ~ Dip the sponge pieces into the paints and press onto the leaves, allowing the paint colors to blend together.
  • ~ Allow to dry.

Leaves in the Trees
Sung to the tune of "Up On The Housetop"

Up in the treetops I see leaves (hold leaf up high)
They are swaying back and forth (sway)
First they are green, but when it turns cold (show green side of leaf)
They change to red and orange and gold (show fall colored side)
Go, go, go- where did they go? (put leaf behind back)
Oh, oh, oh- don't you know? (look right and left)
That's when the wind winds blows-swish, swish, swish (swirl leaf overhead)
And come floating down like this (lower leaf to floor)



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