Gluey Ghosts


    White paper towels-3 per child Bottle of glue Disposable 9x13 pan Cardboard toilet paper tubes Black markers Newspaper

  • ~ Cover your tabletop with newspaper-this is going to get messy!
  • ~ Pour a bottle of white glue into the pan. Dilute with spoons full of water, mixing together the water and glue until the consistency becomes thin.
  • ~ Have each child crumple one paper towel into a fairly tight ball. Then wrap the second paper towel around it.
  • ~ Stuff this into the top of the paper towel tube. This is the ghost's head.
  • ~ One at a time, have the children dip their remaining paper towel into the pan of diluted glue, keeping the towel as flat as possible.
  • ~ Allow the excess to drip off over the pan, and then drape the wet paper towel over the top of the cardboard tube.
  • ~ Set these aside to dry overnight.
  • ~ When the gluey ghosts have dried, use a black marker to draw on a face.




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