Dazzling Dragonfly



  • ~ Clear contact paper
  • ~ Craft sticks
  • ~ Glitter
  • ~ Markers


  • ~ Adult prep: Cut a matched pair of wings from clear contact paper for each child.
  • ~ Color the craft stick with a pastel colored marker.
  • ~ Peel the paper backing off one set of wings and lay into onto a table.
  • ~ Place the colored craft stick in the center of the wings.
  • ~ Sprinkle glitter over the sticky surface of the wings.
  • ~ Peel the paper backing off the second set of wings and place it directly on top of the first set of wings, so the two sticky sides adhere together. The craft stick will be between the two sets of wings.
  • ~ Add two dark dots with a marker to make the dragonflies' eyes.



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