Halloween Craft



  • ~ Craft Foam or Construction Paper
  • ~ Pipe Cleaner Stems
  • ~ Pen
  • ~ Scissors
  • ~ Hot Glue Gun, Tape or Stapler
  • ~ Poster Board


  • ~ Cut a strip of poster board (about 2 inches wide) to fit around each child's head.
  • ~ Glue, staple or tape pipe cleaner stems to the outside of the poster board strip (you can glue 2 on either side to look like antenna or one in front).
  • ~ Cut out a small ghost, pumpkin, witch (or other Halloween figure) out of the craft foam or construction paper. Glue, tape or staple it over each of the pipe cleaner stems where they are attached to the poster board to cover them up.
  • ~ Cut out another (larger) ghost, pumpkin, witch, etc... out of craft foam or construction paper and glue to the other (top) portion of the pipe cleaner stem.
  • ~ Let children decorate the hat even more using lace, stickers, markers, crayons, etc...



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