Footprint Butterflies



  • ~ White or light blue paper
  • ~ Brightly colored paints
  • ~ Paintbrushes
  • ~ Marker
  • ~ Pipe cleaners
  • ~ Hole punch


  • ~ Paint the bottom of each child's feet with brightly colored paint. Invite the children to choose the colors they like.
  • ~ Press the footprints onto a piece of white or light blue paper. Press the right foot onto the left side of the paper, and the left foot onto the right side to achieve the look of butterfly wings.
  • ~ Wipe any excess paint from the children's feet.
  • ~ Punch two holes in the paper, just above the center of the butterfly.
  • ~ Insert the pipe cleaner through the holes to create antennae.
  • ~ Use a marker to draw on the body and face of the butterfly.



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