Germ Finger Puppets and Paddles


  • ~ crayons
  • ~ paper
  • ~ tape
  • ~ Scissors

  • ~ Click here to print the germs from the attached pdf file. On this file you will find 12 line art germs. Each child will need 5 germs, one for each finger.
  • ~ Have each child color their germs monsters anyway they like. Next, cut around germs, keeping enough paper towards the bottom to wrap the germ around the child's finger. Tape the germ around the base so it can be slid on or off the child's fingers.

After you've made these germs, try this hand washing poem:

Five Nasty Germs

Five nasty germs were eager to play.
But then came the water and washed one away.

So four nasty germs tried to have some fun,
Until the soap came along and one had to run.

Then three nasty germs tried to make you sick,
But along came the scrubbing and one couldn't stick.

When those two nasty germs got into a fight,
The rinse came along and washed one out of sight.

The last nasty germ thought it couldn't be seen,
But along came a towel and the hand was clean!

Ann Melrose 1995

germ paddlesInstead of creating finger puppets, you could create paddle germs too! Click here, and print the larger germs. Let the children color these germs, cut out the squares and attach germs to craft stick with glue.



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