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Tomato Worms


   Serving Size:
Two tomato worms is a 1/2 cup serving of vegetables for a 3-5 yeear old at snack.


1 serving (2 tomato worms)




10 cherry tomato(es)
8 slices of cucumber
few sticks of pretzels
4 chow mein noodles
few dabs of peanut butter
4 raisins
2 slivered almond(s)

To make each tomato worm: Connect 4 cherry tomatoes together with a cucumber slice between each one using pretzel sticks or toothpicks. Attach a fifth tomato to the top of one end for a head. Poke a chow mein noodle into each side of the top tomato. Make a face on the top tomato using drops of peanut butter and raisins for the eyes and a slivered almond for the mouth!



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Providers Voice, June 93


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